How to Crop SWF Using AST SWF Video Converter

Question: I got an .swf file which is like a flash file of a picture gallery with navigation. There are some borders on the edges that I wanna crop. I’m talking about cropping here not resizing. Can anyone let me know on how to crop SWF file? Thanks in advance.  - Asked by Kelly on Yahoo! Answers

I encountered this question some day when browse the web, and found many people have the same problem. Now I would like to share an easier solution. Actually, cropping SWF video can be done easily with AST SWF Video Converter. This SWF Cropper can help you easily crop flash video to delete unwanted parts and set the playing area.

Learn how to crop flash SWF file with the following step by step guide:

PS: AST SWF Converter has two versions available. Here this article describes how to crop SWF on Mac with SWF Converter for Mac. If you are using Windows, please get the Converter Windows version to do the cropping.

Step 1: Download and Install SWF Cropper for Mac
Free download the latest version of SWF Video Converter for Mac. Install it on your Mac computer. Run it, you will see its main interface as below.

Crop SWF Using AST SWF Video Converter

Step 2: Import the SWF File to Mac SWF Cropper
Click the “Source” button to import the flash SWF file you need to crop. This Mac SWF Cropper allows you to preview the imported SWF file by clicking the “Play”.

Crop SWF Using AST SWF Video Converter

Step 3: Cropping Flash SWF Video on Mac
Click on the “Crop” to crop SWF file as you want. Directly drag the frame of the video to delete unwanted areas and set the playing size.

Crop SWF Using AST SWF Video Converter

Step 4: Convert SWF to Video on Mac
Click the “Capture” then “Start” to convert SWF to other video formats like AVI, MP4, MOV, FLV, etc. After conversion, the program will show you a path. Click “Open” to view the cropped SWF video.

Crop SWF Using AST SWF Video Converter

More Features of AST SWF Video Converter:
More than a simple SWF Cropper to set the playing area of SWF file, AST SWF Video Converter also supports converting flash SWF to a number of popular video formats, such as, AVI, MOV, FLV, MPEG, MP4, WMV, 3GP, and so on. The output videos are compatible with popular applications and portable devices. In addition, the software enables you to insert watermark to the converted video to personalize it with your own picture.

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